other work & activism

Activism is an important part of my life. I believe that in order to save our planet and overthrow the corruption of capitalism, revolution is required.

The most major “activist” role I’ve held was my position as Digital Communications Co-ordinator of climate justice conference PowerShift: Young & Rising. I was in charge of producing daily content over a period of months for Facebook and Instagram, as well as overseeing advertising, responding to messages, and helping with site design. I created hundreds of images and videos up to the end of the conference. Please find more information on this in the “social media” section of this website.

I was also a core organizer with Divest MTA, a fossil fuel divestment group, for three years. This involved direct action as well as the creation of mini-documentaries, zines, giant banners and sculptures (please find examples of these below). Above all, my involvement with Divest MTA taught me strategic planning for system change, and of the many avenues available to people trying to resist and defy a profit-consumed, harshly unethical system.


This short doc about Divest MTA’s most escalated action was my first real foray into filmmaking, and allowed me to grow my skills and ultimately pursue a career in digital media.

I’ve also written articles on the subject, like this one in the National Observer.

Through this experience I was able to clinch the position of Coordinator of the Centre for Global Justice (CGJ) in Sackville for the 2018-2019 school year. This role involved bringing in speakers from across the country to lead discussions at Mount Allison University on a variety of justice-related issues. The year’s speakers focused particularly on Indigenous rights and ecological advocacy and included El Jones and Cowboy Smithx.

I’m currently working as an animator for Banff National Park, creating videos on the topic of conservation science.

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