other work & political action

Taking action to improve the world is an important part of my life. I’m into anti-capitalism, and believe strongly in protecting our ecosystems, Indigenous sovereignty, and reducing economic & social inequality.

I started out as a core organizer with Divest MTA, a campus fossil fuel divestment group, for three years.


This 2017 short doc about Divest MTA’s most escalated action was my first (rough!) foray into filmmaking.

I’ve also written articles on the subject, like this one in the National Observer.

The most major “activist” role I’ve held was my position as Digital Communications Co-ordinator of climate justice conference PowerShift: Young & Rising. The convergence hosted over 500 young organizers from across Turtle Island, to share knowledge and network. I was in charge of producing daily content over a period of months for Facebook and Instagram, as well as overseeing advertising, responding to messages, and helping with site design. Please find more information on this in the “social media” section of this website.

In the era of COVID, I moved to BC and got involved in old-growth defence and the anti-TMX movement.

In other work, I’ve led birdwatching tours (seen over 400 species!), spent time working on farms, and earned a license to keep donkeys in the UK.

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